Excavation Services in Clark and Skamania Counties

At Kincaid Construction Co., we offer a variety of related services from our team of skilled professionals who value quality and performance. We work side by side with your contractors to maintain schedules and keep your projects running smoothly and on task.


Basement or Crawl Space Excavation

We dig out an oversized hole for your house, shop, building or barn that is level or graded if on a hill. Some spaces are trickier than others, like those involving rocky hillsides or wet surfaces. We use top grade laser equipment to level the ground along with a laser receiver that attaches to the blade of a bulldozer, which is an extremely efficient means of making something level. Once the excavation is complete, we can return to backfill and help with other processes of the construction project.


The process of soil replacement following excavation and foundation construction. Once the the concrete or block foundation has achieved its appropriate strength, (and installed rain drains and or foundation drainage systems when necessary), we replace the soil, and smooth out the remainder for your yard. In the case that there is too much soil, we can also haul it off for you.

Boulder retaining Walls

While each job is unique, others present specific challenges that demand functional as well as stylized solutions. We specialize in terraced boulder retaining walls, often including integral drainage systems when necessary. Much of Pacific Northwest lends itself to hillside building, and this is beautiful way of dealing with the unique challenges presented.  We have extensive experience in custructing these walls (often times useing rocks the size of your washing machine), sometimes including beautiful flat stone stair ways.

Dump Trucking

Hauling of rock, soil, and debris.


Smoothing and leveling the land for road development, building  foundations, parking lots, and landscapes.

Year-Round Outdoor Horse Arenas

Our unique drainage formula was developed for the Pacific Northwest to allow riders year-round usage, making this project a desirable option for horse trainers, ranch owners, and benefitial to members of 4-H clubs.

Land Clearing

We fall trees, dig out stumps, remove brush, burn and / or haul debris…

“I have burned piles of debris that were the size of a house!”

—Bruce Kincaid

Landscape Systems

We enjoy the creative experience of heavy duty landscape projects especially those involving boulder retaining walls, water features, ponds and rock bridges.

Parking Lot Construction

We construct parking lots from light commercial jobs to adding space for an RV, boat or trailer. Large homes with long driveways will sometimes add parking areas for additional guest parking. We also construct driveways and circular drives.


Once extensive preparation is achieved, methods and safety precautions are determined by the demolition contractor before demolition can occur. We can also remove and haul the rubble and debris.

Private Road Building

We typically build gravel roads in rural locations capable of sustaining weighted concrete trucks coming and going from homes that are under construction. We also insure proper drainage.

Rock Bridges

We use excavators that can pick up a 7000 pound boulder, equivalent to a 3 quarter ton pick-up truck, to transport and place large flat boulders big enough to span a small creek. We also have machines equipped for smaller boulders, a mere 3000 pounds. In addition, this equipment comes in handy for landscape jobs of larger proportions.